More ways to motivate your donors and keep them coming back.
4. Lead with a story — if you don’t have a story, lead with the reader

Lead with a current success story that is or has happened within your organization.  If you don’t have one, tell something that is important for the reader to know that is happening in your area or the world.

5. If you use bullets put the strongest points at the top and bottom unfortunately the middle generally gets read last, not second.
6. Answer one question above others: Why you? 

Give the reader a reason to give to you.  Why should she care about you? Motivate your donors to get moving.  This can take some work, because something that is not working takes more motion to get started working, than something already at work. Excite your readers; give her purpose and reasons to give to you.


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Chuck Caine is CEO of the Joint Effort Marketing Group and is on the board of Marketing Non-Profits.