The motivation for donors to more is totally up to you. Once you get an object moving the inertia will take care of the rest.  Here are ways to get donors moving.

1. Make the reader notice your outer envelope

Don’t use just a plain envelope. Put something on the outside to cause the receiver to want to open it up. Whether it is an odd-sized envelope or an eye catching color, be bold, so that you can catch the eye of the donors.

2. Compel the donor inside

Create a curiosity for the donor to want to open up the envelope, not just read the outside and know all that is to be said. Come up with a statement or question that will motivate the reader to open the envelope and read what is inside. (Example: “Where will her next meal come from?” or “What will she put her head on tonight?”)

3. Point to words you want people to notice

Underlining keys phrases or words works well for items you want readers to pay attention to. But think outside the box.  Why not use callout boxes of text, photos with captions, “handwritten” margin notes or anything else to draw attention to the important details. Be cautious of making the page too busy, that you lose the reader before they begin. Have a balance, while still drawing attention to the important information.


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