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Free “Rescue A Pet Today” Campaign

Get a dozen FREE marketing resources for pet adoption shelters


Panda Motion & Marketing Non-Profits have teamed up to give you some free content to help in the important work of pet adoption.

Below you will find previews for all of the files included. All 12 of these images along with their
original design files are free for download and use in any manner you wish.


Please do not repost the original design files anywhere else, but feel free to link back here if you want to share
the files with others. No attribution required.
Here is how you can customize and use your free images:
1) Request to download your files here

“I would like the 12 Free Images”

2) Open the .psd files with adobe photoshop and replace the “your logo


here” placeholder with your logo. You can “turn off” or delete the place holder logo layer, and simply drag and drop your logo in the same position and scale it down into place.




3) Feel free to change up the image even more to better suit your needs (i.e. adding url, phone
#, changing colors, etc).

4) Upload the image on social media and encourage others to share it!










If you don’t have access to photoshop or need some assistance feel free to reach out for help incustomizing these images for your own use for a small fee.

Are you interested in some additional marketing resources?

Did you know that we have created a video as a centerpiece to the “Rescue A Pet Today”
campaign? Take a look at the video below:
We can easily customize the video to help in your fundraising and communication efforts. And
similar to a kickstarter project if we get enough interest we will retroactively share additional free
content for those that invest in the video. Perhaps “Rescue a Pet Today” themed business
cards, letterhead, website banners, billboard graphics, etc? We already put together some
coloring pages. Give us a shout if you are interested!



We have spent many hours with our amazing team crafting this marketing campaign to help pet
adoption shelters better communicate with multimedia. Please reach out and let us know if you
have some success with the images, or if you would like to invest in the marketing video.

Daniel K Johnson, Creative Director
Panda Motion :: Explainer Videos
Phone: 503-803-8541
If you want to send a thank you note or donation to the different photographers you can find
links to that information below: