- 53787 - 01There are many types of interviews that can be undertaken by the media. When doing a phone or a prerecorded interview, keep in mind that these will be edited, so you will have less control over the final product. A live radio interview requires short and sweet answers. Ask for the question up front, this way you can be more prepared. If you are going to be on camera, be presentable and if this makes you uncomfortable, decline.

Always keep the best interests of your organization in mind when doing an interview. Beware of those trick questions that are meant to cause a knee jerk reaction. Maintain your integrity and that of your organization, even though others are trying to blacken your reputation.

Watch out for who is interviewing you and who they represent. Do not agree to any interview without knowing where the interview will appear. This is to prevent you from being taken advantage of, since in this day and age there are many places for the interview to be appear. Research the person or power structure behind a news outlet, i.e., the publishing company. Do your due diligence. Always be cautious.

Learn whether the topic affects the non-profit as a whole or is a specific issue. Go to the interview prepared, think positive and you will give a great interview, and you will do better with each opportunity.

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