More and more Americans are volunteering from youth to the baby boomers and seniors. Thus non-profits need to figure out how to meet the response from all these volunteers and how to get the right fit for their talent, interest and time.

It would be nice if it was as simple I wish it was as simple as signing up the volunteers and everything would take care of itself.  But unfortunately it does not work this way.  Non-profits needs to be prepared from the moment that when the volunteers arrive. They need to keep the volunteers happy so that they will return again and again and possibly bring other to join them.

Do your homework; start by looking at the public sector’s human resources departments and glean some ideas regarding best practices. After recruiting volunteers, find out what motivates your volunteers.  Find ways to reward them to keep them coming back.

Retention of volunteers is just as important as recruiting them. What do your volunteers expect and want? What motivates them and keeps them engaged? How do you reward them?

Remember you are gaining volunteers one at a time, but you have the capability to affect many generations by retaining one person. If that one person is a parent or grandparent, their children (or grandchildren) will volunteer singulair for allergies. So keep on top of how your volunteers are doing!

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