Non-Profits run on the service provided by volunteers. This as we know is changing due to social, cultural, economic and technological changes that spread throughout every part of our lives.

Many non-profits are distancing themselves from the word “volunteer.” It seems outdated as a 1970 leisure suit. So, what do you use instead? That is a good question.

Here are some suggestions: Intern, service-learning, pro bono work, donated professional services, lay ministry, civic engagement, unpaid staff, good neighbor, joining in, or an activist.

This new generation of “volunteers” consists of students, kids, families, older people, single parents, entrepreneurs and the newly retired. So vocabulary matters, as you try as reach people coming from all walks of life. Vary the labels used for your volunteers, so you can attract as many skilled people as possible.

Be creative as you choose names for you volunteers. Use your brand if possible. Ask your volunteers for help, this will help you keep up with the trends and avoid any potential land mines.

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