- 53787 - 01Joint Effort Media, LLC announces the launch of The company has been designed to support the web marketing needs of non-profit organizations. After working with over 75 non-profits over the past five years, Chuck Caine, CEO of Joint Effort Media, determined that there was a specific need in the non-profit marketing world for a company that could understand the unique needs of NPOs and the structure that they have to work in.

Most regular marketing companies do not understand the demands of board members, sporadic budgets and donor pressure. Most companies don’t have to work with volunteers and a fairly regular turnover in their resources like non-profits do. is geared to take a NPO through the paces of branding, website design, e-mail marketing, video production, on-line donations, press releases, seasonal campaigns, social marketing and many other strategies. NPOs often have some of assets provided within their volunteers but may lack in other areas. Because of the nature of relying on volunteers, these marketing needs may reoccur without notice, so stands ready to fill in the gap whenever needed.

MarketingNon-Profits over has ownership that operates a non-profit and very much understands the unique needs that they occur. Welcome aboard as we become “Geeks helping Givers”.