Getting your name known by the general public is a great idea, but dealing with the media can be tricky. Using a media interview is a good way to do this, but take caution! Dealing with the media requires care.

First be prepared by fully understanding the matter being presented in the interview. Before agreeing to the interview, research the reporter to see if they have done an article on this topic before. Give the reporter all the facts about your non-profits, so they can see the bigger picture. Make sure of the reporter’s angle before agreeing to the interview. Do your homework watch the new paying attention to how questions are answered by the interviewees, notice the reporter who reports on issues that are important to your cause, so that you will know who to ask for a media interview.

Another way to be ready is to practice being interviewed, get permission from the proper people and abide by your non-profits set of rules for dealing with the media (if you non-profits do not have them, get them written). Make sure that the person most qualified for the interview does the interview. That means the person who has the greatest passion, interest, or expertise for the topic being talked about should be doing the interview. If no one is available then decline the interview. Don’t forget about your volunteer or someone who has been on the receiving end of your service.

There is no need to answer every question. If you do not know the right information, let the reporter know that. This way the there is no misinformation given.

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