Communications need to be to the point, personal and relevant. In the age of digital everything, attention spans are certainly shortened. So don’t get ignored. Here are some keys to successful communications:

  1. Get to the point. Don’t waste my time.
  2. Know my native consumption habits.
  3. Take advantage of the unique characteristics of each digital and print engagement channel. Efficiency is less important than effective.
  4. Tell me how I can help solve a problem that matters to me—not you Discover More.
  5. Offer me a chance to respond immediately.
  6. Don’t always ask for money. Engagement through volunteering or sharing is important, too.
  7. Say “thank you” in a clear, specific, and personal way.

Follow up with some type of progress indicator that reaffirms my support and how my involvement helps create a better tomorrow.

What does your non-profit have in place to take care of these needs of your donors? Are your sending regular communications to your support base?

If not, call to see what your organization can do to improve your communications at 513-474-1158.