Social Marketing for Non-Profits

When the social marketing tools first came to the web, many non-profits ignored them or treated this outreach as a volunteer duty. Many have tried to engage on the social media platforms. Perhaps you have a Facebook account and maybe a Twitter account, but you feel you miss the point. Social Network Marketing  for non-profits is all about finding those who share the burden for your cause and will “buy in” as they get to know you. They want to know that you are a “player and not just a sayer” in your area of influence. It takes a strategy and a designated budget. This aspect of telling your story is not something normally success if it is designated for volunteers to do in their spare time.

At, we provide an introductory package or design a long-term branding and reputation campaign. Don’t have your social media campaign look like a “stepchild” of your marketing. A thoughtful strategy that establish you as a source of information that your donors, board, and volunteers are glad to hear from and excited to share.

Social Media Marketing Includes:                                                 Social Media Background with Speech Bubbles

  • Keyword analysis

  • Submission to the social engines

  • Social bookmarking

  • Blog creation and writing

  • Regular article submission

  • Personal dashboard for monthly reporting

  • Customer support

  • Press releases

Other non-profit strategies include video marketing, infographics, and viral marketing
strategies to increase their views.