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Foodbank Campaigns

We at Marketing pride ourselves on taking campaigns that could be shared by multiple users and make videos that can be repurposed for various locations. Thake a look at some of the projects that we have developed in the past.

Feeding America

We were able to make a video for one Food Bank that wanted to focus on the particular need of “Child Hunger” and turn it into a video that was used nationally by over 60 food bans as well as ConAgra and the headquarters for Feeding America. Doing this caused each food bank to get a low priced video that was catered to their particlar demographics for much cheaper than they could have done it on their own.

See below, the different uses for the same video assets:

Food for thought

This is another video that is built for Food Banks. It is an inexpensive slide explainer that can be used to introduce your organization at corporate meetings, school presentations, etc. By sharing the cost of this video with others you can own a personalized version for $395.00.

Food For Thought from Daniel Johnson on Vimeo.

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