Non-Profit Marketing StrategiesMarketing strategies for Non-Profit organizations

Non-profits have special needs in marketing as well as in other areas.  Whether you are a long-established foundation or just getting your name out to the public, there are some some basic non-profit marketing strategies that work for  your organization all the time. This list is geared for new non-profits,  so you may be several steps ahead of the game. Compare this list to your current strategy:

1) Establish your branding.  Once you have a name that reflects your organization, have a logo made. Your logo is a reflection of your organization and should be current and not trapped in time.

2) Website– Is your website up-to-date? Does it reflect your organization accurately? Can you track visitors? Can they be automatically added to your email list? Is your website mobile ready?

4) On-line giving– Do you have on-line giving on your website?

5) Blog– Do you have a blog on your site? Are you keeping it current? Do you have a regular content schedule?

6) E-mail campaign– Do you have an established email campaign? Are you reaching out consistently, are you building your list? Is your content worth reading?

7) Newsletter and campaign promotions– Do you send out a newsletter to potential supporters, corporate sponsors, your volunteers? You should implement a regular contact campaign that promotes the overall vision of the organization at least once a month. If you can’t afford a printed version, then create an e-version.

8) Where is your social strategy? Are you set up on Facebook, Google Plus, Tweeter, and the hundreds of other social sites that generate  millions of visitors per day? You should aim for a branded page for your sites as well as relevant, current content that people will want to pass on to others.

9) PPC- Do you have a pay per click advertising program or a banner campaign to catch the people who have similar interests?

10) SEO- Search engine optimization is getting your website to the top of organic search by doing the on-page and off-page work that the search engines require. Where are you on the search rankings for your category?

11) Semantic Marketing is positioning your advertisement where readers of similar content are gathering. If you are a food bank, then you should be positioned next to an article that is discussing hunger, not one on paint ball guns.

12) Videos– Videos make up about 50% of today’s content on the web and needs to be considered as part of the modern web strategy. Good videos can take your complicated message and boil it down to a 90 second clear explanation of what you do, and why you do it.

13) Press Releases– What ever is happening that is newsworthy should be sent out on a press release. Press Releases are picked up by all sorts of publications and published as filler content. Press releases can get you thousands of new eyeballs to your website.

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