Email marketing: It’s the lowest cost form of relationship building

As a non-profit you are in constant need of new volunteers, donors, and employees. You need need to keep old and new contacts aware of what is going on in your organization. Non-profits can produce great results with a consistent, thorough email campaign. Here are some initial ideas:

  • Develop an ever changing email list.  Several different email lists can be created for different campaigns and purposes.

  • Email often, but not too often. Regular, consistent campaigns work the best.

  • Provide for your readers something that is engaging and worth passing on.

  • Test different strategies to see what gets opened the most.

For example:

  • Does your team respond to  short “teaser” emails, or longer emails that have more information?

  • Do your readers respond to challenging subject lines or performance subject lines?

  • Does an html email or a text email lead to better open and click through rates?

At, we offer  a complete email  campaign that is focused on your purposes where we do the hard work, or you can have your team manage it.

Every non-profit should begin their marketing strategy with a strategic email campaign.



A regularly scheduled newsletter can keep your brand in front of potential donors and volunteers. can help keep your team informed about events, campaigns, and services provided. It can show that you are financially responsible by reporting your monthly financial information. We can can develop and write your newsletter or just distribute them for you. We monitor the newsletter ‘s open rate and provide instant unsubscribe services.

Why not have a discussion with about a newsletter strategy that will keep your team informed? Call today!