On-line Donation Tool

donation Platform

“Charitable giving revenue grew 4.9% in 2013, the largest gain since the 2008 recession but online giving revenue which, at 13.5% growth overall, had its second consecutive year of double-digit gains. Large organizations saw 12.7% online giving growth, medium sized organizations grew 11.4% and small organizations grew 18.4%.”

MarketingNon-Profits.com works with Vision2 to provide a donation platform that is built to serve the diverse needs in marketing for non-profit organizations. Here’s how we help with an on-page donation tool:

  • Simple: The software’s user-friendly platform involves no confusing software and cumbersome usability. The software does the heavy lifting and allows your management team to grow the organization.

  • Fast: Cloud-based architecture allows the Vision2 software great agility. You can enter giving information, search for transactions and create reports in the blink of an eye.

  • Mobile: Mobile-friendly software gets you going from Day 1. Software is specifically tailored for today’s desktop, table and mobile environments, providing a seamless experience.

  • Ready: Your giving module takes on the look of your website. Supporters can complete the giving process without leaving your site.

  • Powerful Accounting: Merchant processing is also a part of the software package. You can tightly coordinate the banking and gift collection process.

  • Accountability: Donors are issued a tax receipt for the full amount of their giving with your organization’s name on it.