Has a love that is online asked you for cash?

Comparable situation. Their title is William Stanley. He is on Instagram. I came across him here. Has an son called Daniel in boarding school. Sent me pictures and every thing. He was sent by me pictures of me personally too. Asked me today after conversing with him for 3 months to send him a Amazon gift card for $100.00!! OMG!! Swept me down nice photos to my feel and every thing!! We may be DUMB and I also’m perhaps not crazy. I was nearly prepared to send $$ until We google Amazon Gift Card Scams!! Now, my feeling are hurt!! But at the very least i am aware the reality!!

I have had a comparable experience with a man in Nashville, so he says. First asked for the $100 Amazon card then simply asked for $10,000. Boy, they actually allow you to think they worry for you personally until they begin asking for cash! […]