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Six Ways to Motivate Donors (Part 2)

More ways to motivate your donors and keep them coming back.
4. Lead with a story — if you don’t have a story, lead with the reader

Lead with a current success story that is or has happened within your organization.  If you don’t have one, tell something that is important for the reader to know […]

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Six Ways to Motivate Donors (Part 1)

The motivation for donors to more is totally up to you. Once you get an object moving the inertia will take care of the rest.  Here are ways to get donors moving.

1. Make the reader notice your outer envelope

Don’t use just a plain envelope. Put something on the outside to cause the receiver to […]

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Non-Profit Marketing for the Long Haul

Hello world!

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Eight ways to communicate with donors

Communications need to be to the point, personal and relevant. In the age of digital everything, attention spans are certainly shortened. So don’t get ignored. Here are some keys to successful communications:

Get to the point. Don’t waste my time.
Know my native consumption habits.
Take advantage of the unique characteristics of each digital and print engagement […]

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Is your Non-Profit Prepared for the Changing in Volunteerism (Part 2)

Some people who want to engage as a volunteer look for a short term projects. <a href="http://marketingnon-profits singulair”>Volunteers often look for worthy tasks that benefit a worthy cause. With a short-term project, there is satisfaction in the completion of the task from beginning to end. This also gives the volunteer a sense they […]

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Is your Non-Profit Prepared for the Changing in Volunteerism (Part 1)

Non-Profits run on the service provided by volunteers. This as we know is changing due to social, cultural, economic and technological changes that spread throughout every part of our lives.

Many non-profits are distancing themselves from the word “volunteer.” It seems outdated as a 1970 leisure suit. So, what do you use instead? That is […]

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Making Volunteerism Work

More and more Americans are volunteering from youth to the baby boomers and seniors. Thus non-profits need to figure out how to meet the response from all these volunteers and how to get the right fit for their talent, interest and time.
It would be nice if it was as simple I wish it was […]

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Guide to Video SEO in 2014

<a href=" read the full info here.pdf”>
Click here for a definitive guide to Video SEO Jan 2014

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The Future of Video

The Future of Video Jan 2014
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